Inventory and Product Sync Made Easy

Automatically sync inventory and products across all your Shopify stores in real time. No manual updates. No overselling.

A simple sync for better selling

Automatically synchronize products and inventory across multiple Shopify stores. Just install Sqquid Multi-Store Sync app in every store and let Sqquid do the rest.

You’re in control of every aspect of the sync. Choose to update inventory only, products only or both. Select which products to sync and which ones not to. Specify whether to create or update mapped product fields.

Grow online sales and merchandise online
Fulfillment automation for advanced retailers - improve retention, customer satisfaction, LTV

What's in it for you?

 Replace manual cross-store updates with automated sync

 Avoid overselling with real-time inventory updates

 Keep selected products updated across all Shopify stores

 Choose to create or update mapped product fields

 Set up and manage with ease, from initial onboarding to ongoing management



Unlimited inventory sync Connect 2 Shopify stores Sync up to 200 products Email support within 72h


Unlimited inventory sync Connect up to 5 Shopify stores Sync up to 2000 products Email support within 48h


Unlimited inventory sync Connect up to 10 Shopify stores Sync up to 7500 products Email support within 24h Live chat/phone support (Business Hours)
SQQUID keeps you open online 24-7

Who we are

At SQQUID, we’ve been helping online retailers thrive since 2017. Our technology enables users to seamlessly grow and manage sales across different channels. We deliver tools that are affordable and easy to use, yet highly sophisticated; designed to future-proof retailers against rapid shifts in technology and e-commerce trends.

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