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At SQQUID, our mission is to provide retailers with web-based solutions that enable them to sell more online and in their stores.

We make intuitive, easy-to-use tools that help our customers:

  • Effortlessly manage orders, inventory and catalogs across multiple channels,
  • Save time and money through sales process automation,
  • Eliminate costly mistakes associated with manual sales management.

Founded in 2016, SQQUID is the culmination of a decade spent by our founders building software that helped thousands of businesses set up and grow their online sales channels.
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Who We Are

Our leadership team is a well‐rounded trio of experienced entrepreneurs with complementary skills and decades of know‐how in web development, technology marketing and enterprise sales.

Ron P

Ron Peled

CEO & Co-Founder

An experienced software developer with a successful 15‐year track record building large‐scale e‐commerce applications. A capable leader who can inspire top‐level performance and instill a can‐do attitude in his teams.

Thomas N

Thomas Nickles

CTO & Co-Founder

Information technology professional of 17 years focused on leading end‐to‐end product development - from roadmap management, system architecture, full stack development, to quality improvements and performance engineering.

Ilya R

Ilya Ronin

VP of Marketing

Serial entrepreneur capable of building focused, cost-effective marketing programs. Skilled in B2B sales, worldwide channel management and sales team development. Seasoned technologist with 12 years of experience in software engineering.

Our Advisors

Our advisors are seasoned professionals who guide us through the rough patches on the road, restrain our irrational exuberance and help make informed decisions at the forks in the road.

Armando B

Armando Biondi

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor

Joe D

Joe Devon

Entrepreneur, Startup Advisor

Joe D

Daniel Ice

Tech Entrepreneur

What is new at Sqquid?

What is New at Sqquid

Bigcommerce integration is available on SQQUID
March 19
Connect your POS/ERP to Bigcommerce-powered website.

Channel-specific Merchandising is now available on SQQUID
March 10
Ditch your import/export spreadsheets! Per channel merchandising with SQQUID. read more...

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