Orders shipped. Faster. Cheaper.

Ship orders cheaper and more efficiently right from your stores with our simple, automated, all-in-one solution that gets your shipments out in a couple of clicks and automatically finds the lowest shipping rates from 100+ carriers.

Turn fulfillment into a competitive advantage

As a retailer, getting your fulfillment right enables you to become a leader in the geo areas around your stores through cheaper shipping and faster deliveries.

Make shipping more efficient

With SQQUID, you can ship orders directly from your stores, get them to your customers faster, lower shipping costs, and streamline shipping operations for web orders.

Simplify in-store shipping

SQQUID’s Fulfillment combines functions normally done by multiple systems. It’s easy to use for your staff, yet flexible enough to configure virtually any process you require.

Get the best shipping rates available

With our intelligent RateFinder™, SQQUID automatically finds the lowest shipping rate for each package from 100+ carriers and lets you print a shipping label with just a click.

Better retail with SQQUID fulfillment automation
Fulfillment automation and order flow

Automate order flow

Take your fulfillment to a new level! Simpler, cheaper, faster and more efficient. With SQQUID, manual steps are eliminated, shipping info is automatically in sync across your retail operations, and multiple, incompatible systems are replaced with an all-in-one solution.

Order sync

SQQUID automatically syncs online orders from your web store or 3rd-party marketplaces into your POS/ERP.

Drop shipping

Designate drop ship location(s) and SQQUID automatically checks them for inventory and sends drop-ship items to those location(s) for fulfillment.

Geo-routing and shipment consolidation

SQQUID intelligently assigns order items to locations to balance inventory, minimize number of separate packages and lowers shipping costs by finding locations closest to the customer.

One-click shipping

Whether you have one store or one hundred stores, SQQUID’s Fulfillment makes it easy for your shipping staff to process and ship orders from the back of each one of your stores.

  • Order items are automatically grouped into shipments by location
  • Shipping labels can be printed with just a click
  • Tracking info automatically sent to your customers
  • Exceptions like cancellations, holds and item location changes are easy to manage
  • Orders can be quickly found by number, SKU, location, status or date
Best shipping rates and one-click label printing
Smart fulfillment: Lower shipping costs and deliver faster

Lower shipping costs and deliver faster

Automatically get the lowest shipping rate available across 100+ carriers based on weight, destination and delivery time

Use regional carriers when available to deliver orders to your customers faster and at lower costs

Compete and win on shipping costs against national retailers like Amazon and Walmart

Link directly to your favorite shippers and your existing shipping accounts

Proven customer success

Retailers using SQQUID's fulfillment solutions see immediate and sustained efficiency improvements and cost savings across their entire order handling and shipping process. You can, too!

  • ✓  Lower shipping costs and faster delivery times

  • ✓  Fewer man-hours spent on order fulfillment and staff training

  • ✓  Highly customizable process tailored to your way of doing business

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Retailer delivers orders faster and cheaper with SQQUID

"SQQUID delivered not just an order processing system, but a sophisticated and flexible order logistics solution that helps us react faster to sales opportunities."

Brian Styler, Director of Info Systems & Logistics

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