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"Before SQQUID, our systems could not handle order spikes and up to 25% of orders were manually processed. With double-queue order processing, SQQUID absorbs these spikes and intelligently feeds data into our systems."

Brian Styler
Director of Info Systems & Logistics, JackRabbit

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As a retailer, your basic promise to your customers is that you will have their ordered items in stock, without overselling, and will deliver them on time.

So the system that connects your POS to your online sales channels must always be ready for peaks in your retail season like Cyber Monday or a hot new product launch. Losing or delaying orders and inventory updates is not an option.

That's why at SQQUID, we’ve implemented a serverless cloud computing architecture that can instantly leverage as much processing power as it needs to meet ANY spike in orders or product catalog changes.

What’s in it for you as a retailer?

Simple. You can stop worrying about IT and unreliable channel connectors. Your data transfers are always complete. Your orders are never lost or delayed. And no matter how large your product catalog is, any changes you make are live within minutes, not hours or days.

Beyond its own reliability, SQQUID’s system also knows the capabilities of “server-based” systems it’s connected to, which may have limited scalability and may experience temporary slowdowns. SQQUID intelligently queues and throttles data transfers to those systems so they don’t get overloaded, thus ensuring that your entire omnichannel eco-system is reliable, always on and always ready.

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Want the juicy details?

SQQUID has been recognized as one of the pioneers in the serverless architecture community. Read serverless blog interview with Ron Peled, our founder and CEO, in which he discusses SQQUID’s approach in designing our system.

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