Connecting your POS/ERP to online sales channels is hard.

We enable retail across channels.
We make it easy.

SQQUID omnichannel sales automation helps retailers merchandise and manage orders in real-time, across multiple store locations and online channels.
Sqquid - a better way to sell online

Sqquid - A Better Way to Retail

Grow sales by connecting your stores to online sales channels and driving online shoppers to your stores through pickups and online promotions.

Merchandise with ease by instantly updating your catalogs across any and all e-commerce channels without cumbersome imports/exports.

Never lose orders with our best-in-class, highly scalable platform that’s always ready for your peak season.

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"Merchandising with SQQUID is simple. It works the way omnichannel sales is supposed to work."

Lila S., Director of Communications and E-Commerce

Why Omnichannel Retail

Increase retention rates by delivering on customers’ sales and service expectations.

Improve customer experience by blending together your physical and online presence.

Boost LTV by presenting the right information at the right time to the right customer.

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Sqquid - a better way to sell online

"Customers who shop online and in stores typically spend twice as much as those who only go to stores."

The Economist, December 2017

What We Deliver

SQQUID integrates between Runit POS and any number of ecommerce channels.
We work with retailers large and small to help them grow sales, streamline operations and lower costs.

In the past, if our POS was down, we had to manually reconcile our online orders. With SQQUID's double-queue order processing, our online orders simply show up once our POS is back online.

Brian S., Director of Info Systems & Logistics
JackRabbit (over 60 US store locations)
DNA Footwear

Of all the systems we've used, I have to say that SQQUID just makes the most sense. It makes merchandising simple and works the way omnichannel sales should work.

Lila S., Director, Communications & Ecommerce
DNA FOOTWEAR (7 store locations in New York)

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