Sqquid - A Better Way to Retail

Grow Revenue

Get more traffic and sales from your online channels by putting more inventory online. Sell your products where your customers are - on multiple online channels like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon and mobile.

Merchandise With Ease

Optimize catalog presentation for each channel. Eliminate the hassle and errors of catalog import and export by editing product info directly in Sqquid. Instantly update pricing and product info across all channels.

Drop Ship

Drop ship like a pro! No more workarounds for setting aside products without any real inventory. Sqquid will process your drop ship items and set them aside for you.

Geo Routing

Order geo routing based on live inventory data! Sqquid's advanced order logistics includes logic for distribution centers, priority, geo location and optimizations that lower shipping costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Real Time Inventory

Our system always keeps your inventory in sync between your POS and all of your online channels. Great for multi brand retailers, managing b2c and b2b sites, mobile ecommerce and more.

Built to Scale

Sqquid can handle huge spikes of order flows per channel. Our system is built with multiple queuing and fail-over mechanisms designed for instant scaling in cases of unexpected (but welcomed!) spikes in sales.

Why Omnichannel Retail

"Customers who shop online and in stores typically spend twice as much as those who only go to stores."

The Economist, December 2017

Higher Retention Rates

According to an Aspect Software survey, there is a big gap between consumers’ expectations and what most retailers currently deliver; the ones ahead of the curve in omnichannel sales and service are reaping the benefits.

Aspect Software

Consumers Expect It

A Forrester study found that shoppers increasingly favor retailers who are able to blend together online and physical stores and offer consumers shopping flexibility and up-to-date store inventory information online.


Increased LTV

Research by Google finds that contrary to popular myths, strong online presence actually drives customers to visit physical stores, but only if they have the right information available to them online (prices, stock levels and related items).


Grow Your Online Sales

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