Omnichannel Retail Solutions Comparison

Options for retailers with 1 to 200 locations

POS-to-channel Connectors

SQQUID Merchandising & Fulfillment Platform

Enterprise Cloud ERP Solutions

Basic features, low-cost, low- to medium-reliability. Widely available & support virtually all mainstream POS/ERP systems. Highly reliable & instantly scalable. Powerful merchandising & fulfillment features. Mid-range price. Custom-built features. Multi-vendor integrations. High cost of deployment & maintenance.

Real-time Inventory

Keep inventory in sync between your POS and all your online channels.

Online Merchandising

Merchandize products differently for different channels without spreadsheets, field mappings or import/export operations.

Order Geo-Routing

Orders routed automatically to stores or warehouses based on inventory, geo location and custom rules.

Shipping Automation

Automatically find the best shipping rates from multiple carriers, compose shipments, print shipping labels and update tracking info across POS/ERP and online channels.

Automated Drop Ship

Items automatically routed to designated drop ship locations.


Accurately and reliably sync information between various systems, taking account of each system's requirements. Intelligently throttle data flows to avoid data loss.

UNRELIABLE 99.999% 99.999%

Extreme Scalability

Handle the largest spikes in orders and SKUs with instant and unlimited scalability using the latest in serverless cloud technology.

Custom Features

Customized features developed to address your specific requirements and circumstances (e.g. legacy proprietary POS integration).


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*The above information is based on what we've heard from retailers, large and small.

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