Los Angeles, CA — If you are a retailer with multiple locations (stores and/or warehouses), can you figure out the best fulfillment option for each of your online orders? Can you identify the optimal source for each item in the order so as to get them to the customer ASAP, while also minimizing shipping costs? Are your online orders automatically routed to appropriate locations?

If you are a SQQUID customer, the answer is YES! Our new Order Geo-Routing improves the efficiency of your order fulfillment process, lowers your shipping costs and cuts delivery times by selecting the best store or warehouse from which to ship each order item based on a customer’s address.

As a retailer, you can define rules to guide the Geo-Routing logic:

  • Select locations to include in your online order fulfillment network
  • Specify drop ship locations
  • Assign higher priority to certain stores
  • Designate catch-all locations for out-of- stock and pre-sale items
  • Define routing selection between multiple locations in close proximity to customer

SQQUID will process each order based on specified rules and by using its own geo-routing engine to fulfill each order so as to

  • Minimize the number of packages sent for each order, lowering shipping costs,
  • Shorten delivery times, optimizing customers’ shopping experience,
  • Balance inventory levels across stores and warehouse based on demand

After determining the fulfillment locations, SQQUID automatically sends orders to each location’s POS/ERP so that order items can be picked, packaged and shipped to the customer.

With SQQUID’s geo-routing, retailers can reduce or eliminate the need for manual order processing, lower shipping costs, shorten deliver times and optimize inventory levels across multiple locations.