Los Angeles, CA — We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of Sqquid’s new integration with Bigcommerce. This new online sales channel joins our growing list of integrations that already includes popular options for POS, ERP and e-commerce applications.

Set up integration to Bigcommerce in just a few clicks. No programming needed!

Bigcommerce provides online retailers with tools to build the ultimate shopping experience for their customers, increase sales and optimize their ROI. And with Sqquid’s intuitive and easy-to-setup Bigcommerce integration, you can connect your POS or ERP system to Bigcommerce in minutes, without any programming.

Sqquid delivers fast, accurate and timely synchronization of product catalog, orders and inventory between your POS/ERP and Bigcommerce. Our unique Channel-specific Merchandising enables retailers to customize their catalog presentations in Bigcommerce or in any other connected sales channel. Sqquid also helps retailers fulfill orders faster by combining order information from Bigcommerce and from POS/ERP, showing a consolidated view of each order, including each item’s store location.