Our CEO, Ron Peled, was recently interviewed by the team at Serverless blog and discussed our engineering team’s experience developing a 100% serverless SaaS platform. Read the blog post to learn about SQQUID’s pioneering work in leveraging serverless cloud architecture to build highly reliable and instantly scalable platform for retail channel management and fulfillment automation.

Some of the highlights from our journey into serverless:

  1. 100% serverless architecture is a commitment that will require some time to get used to
  2. Initially it’s a high learning curve for new team members
  3. Eventually the team velocity exceed any other architecture type
  4. With so much sheer power at your fingertips you’ll have to account for ‘excessive force’
  5. The tools ecosystem for serverless is still young but rapidly maturing

Read the full article here: SQQUID: at the forefront of cloud computing