For omnichannel retailers who want to sell more on Amazon, SQQUID is thrilled to announce the launch of our Amazon and Amazon Prime integrations.

This new addition to our suite of integrations delivers powerful online marketing and selling tools to help retailers grow revenue by selling their products on the world’s largest marketplace.

SQQUID enables an effortless connection of your retail POS to Amazon, so you can quickly get your inventory on Amazon and start selling. And once you’re connected, your sales and your fulfillment operations will see immediate and sustained improvements from several other SQQUID features.

Flexible channel management

If you already sell online and like the system you have in place, SQQUID gives you the option to manage Amazon sales as a standalone channel. Instead of replacing your entire online sales management, you can use SQQUID exclusively for selling on Amazon, while keeping your other systems in place. Or you can use SQQUID as your all-in-one sales and fulfillment solution for all your online channels. Whatever your choice, we make selling on Amazon easy.

Amazon Prime Fulfilled By Merchant (FBM)

Avoid some of the “hidden” costs associated with FBA and maintain full control of your order fulfillment and shipping with Amazon Prime FBM. Sqquid’s tools combined with efficient logistical operations can guard your margins and help boost the bottom line for your business.

Improve margins and inventory allocation with differentiated products and prices per channel

Maximize your sales margins and better control inventory allocation by customizing product listings on Amazon to be different from your other online channels. Image for post Choose which products to sell on Amazon (or not), control product display info like names, descriptions, models, colors, sizes and more. Set different prices on your Amazon listings from those on your other sales channels or in your retail locations.

Fast, reliable catalog and inventory sync

Automated, near-instant syncs of product catalogs, inventory and orders keep your entire sales and fulfillment system ticking, without delays or disruptions.

Easy, efficient order fulfillment

Ship orders faster and more efficiently from retail stores or from warehouses with automated order processing and geo-routing. Image for post Easily fulfill 1-day-shipping orders with intuitive and easy-to-use interface that enables 1-click label printing. All this in a single system that requires minimal staff training and eliminates manual data entry.

Lowest shipping rates on each order

Ship orders cheaper and more efficiently in a couple of clicks and automatically get the lowest shipping rates from over 100 carriers, including Amazon Prime shipping. Bring your existing negotiated shipping rates from various carriers by easily connecting your shipper accounts to SQQUID.

Customer success

Several of our pioneering customers have already connected their Amazon sales channel to SQQUID. They are seeing immediate impact on their bottom line in the form of increased efficiency in order processing, packing and shipping. The efficiency gains enable retailers to fulfill more orders without having to hire more staff. This is especially critical for 1-day-shipping orders, which must go out on time since timely shipping is a key metric used by Amazon to evaluate Prime sellers’ performance.


Sqquid can help you reach out to new customers and start selling on Amazon while guarding your margins with FBM. Reach out and learn more why our retailers who try our channel management platform achieve their goals and never look back again.